Bio photo of Brian Poole

Brian Poole

A Doctor of Internal Medicine and Nephrology at think, Dr. Brian Poole works in the areas of Diabetes Management, Chronic Kidney Disease, and Hypertension. Dr. Poole has known since high school biology class that he wanted to work in Medicine, and enjoys helping patients improve their health. His own journey of weight loss and fitness … Continue Reading Article

Bio photo of Richard Osterholm

Richard Osterholm

Doctor of Internal Medicine, Dr. Richard Osterholm, completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He has been practicing medicine in Omaha for nearly 40 years. He holds the title of Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Nebraska College, and serves as the George Loomis Chair of Medicine … Continue Reading Article

Bio photo of Mark Woodruff

Mark W. Woodruff

Dr. Mark Woodruff is a Family Medicine physician at think, and enjoys using his skills in procedures and pediatrics. He’s known that Medicine was the career for him since his first Biology class in high school. What he finds most exciting about a career in Medicine is having the opportunity to help patients make positive … Continue Reading Article

Bio photo of John Woodruff

John A. Woodruff

Dr. John A. Woodruff is a Doctor of Internal Medicine at think, and enjoys all aspects of general medicine. When he chose his career, he was attracted to general Internal Medicine because of the more methodical nature of the preventative, diagnostic, and treatment process involved in the field. Raised in a medical family, John was … Continue Reading Article

Bio photo of Bill Weeks

Bill Weeks

Dr. Bill Weeks is a Family Physician at think, and has a particular interest in Sports Medicine. When it comes to the field of Medicine, he finds the constant new developments exciting, and enjoys learning new things as they are introduced into the field. Bill has always remembered wanting to be a doctor, and was … Continue Reading Article

Bio photo of Jamie Vitamvas

Jamie Vitamvas

Dr. Jamie Vitamvas is a Family Medicine Physician here at think. She loves the concept of a clinic run by physicians with the goal of achieving and maintaining health by fully supporting patients’ medical and psychosocial needs. Dr. Vitamvas didn’t originally go into medical school thinking she would choose Family Medicine. As she was going … Continue Reading Article

Bio photo of Susan Scholer

Susan G. Scholer

An Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Physician at think, Dr. Susan Scholer enjoys the personal connection she has with patients, especially practicing as long as she has in Omaha. She became interested in Medicine in High School at Marian High in Omaha. She had very strong biology and chemistry teachers who were excellent role models. What … Continue Reading Article

Bio photo of Erika Rothgeb

Erika L. Rothgeb

Dr. Erika Rothgeb is a Family Medicine Physician at think, and has always been focused on primary care. She loves the relationships she builds with patients, and being a person who stands by their side throughout their care. There is more to health than physical wellbeing, and she strives to support her patients in their … Continue Reading Article

Bio photo of Kirk Muffly

Kirk Muffly

Dr. Kirk Muffly is a born and raised Omahan. Dr. Muffly is an Internal Medicine Physician at think and has practiced in Omaha since becoming a physician. When asked what excites him about medicine he responded “helping people make lifestyle changes that improve the way they feel and decrease their risk of disease.” He received … Continue Reading Article

Anna Maio

Dr. Anna Maio is an Internal Medicine Physician here at Think, and is skilled at working with patients who experience conditions like hypertension, kidney disease, and diabetes. She loves that the structures and philosophies at Think allow her to work with a team of people, and get their input in a patient’s care. She hopes … Continue Reading Article

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