Bio photo of Doug Russel

Douglas Russell, MD

Internal Medicine

Dr. Douglas Russell is Doctor of Internal Medicine at think, and works in the areas of cardiovascular risk reduction, the care and treatment of diabetes, and perioperative risk reduction

Dr. Russell graduated with a chemistry degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha before receiving his medical degree in 1992. After a residency at the University of Oklahoma Health Services Center, he returned to practice Internal Medicine in Omaha in 1995. He has also served as an Associate Professor for the University of Nebraska Medical Center and for Creighton.

Accepting New Patients


University of Nebraska at Omaha: Chemistry, Medical
University of Oklahoma Health Services Center: Residency

Clinical Pharmacist:
Courtney Green, PharmD

Located on Level Five
402.506.9113 (office)
402.315.2720 (fax)

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