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Anna Maio

Dr. Anna Maio is an Internal Medicine Physician here at Think, and is skilled at working with patients who experience conditions like hypertension, kidney disease, and diabetes. She loves that the structures and philosophies at Think allow her to work with a team of people, and get their input in a patient’s care. She hopes … Read more

Bio photo of Harry Klein

Harry Klein

Specializing in Rheumatology and Internal Medicine, Dr. Harry Klein treats inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. He has particular interest in the piecing together of medical symptoms and signs in order to determine the underlying disease process. He became interested in Medicine in his teen years after having had the opportunity to volunteer at a local hospital … Read more

Bio photo of Chris Jeffrey

Chris Jeffrey

Dr. Chris Jeffrey is a Family Physician here at Think, and earned her medical degree at UNMC. She has interests in Women’s, Child, and Adolescent Health, but enjoys taking care of just about any condition. Dr. Jeffrey first knew she wanted to go into medicine when she was seven years old, visiting her grandfather in … Read more

Bio photo of Mark Hare

Mark Hare

Dr. Mark Hare is a Think General Practice and Primary Care Physician who enjoys connecting with patients and offering guidance toward a higher quality of life. He realized he wanted to work in Medicine during his undergraduate studies in Biology, which interested him in the scientific aspect of medicine. His co-major in social justice studies … Read more

Bio photo of Stuart Frigyes

Stuart B. Frigyes

Dr. Frigyes is board certified in Internal Medicine at Think, and enjoys taking care of patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many other illnesses encountered in the practice of internal medicine. He thoroughly enjoys the practice of medicine, as it is an ever-changing field. There are constantly new therapies and diagnostic tests used … Read more

Bio photo of Timothy Crowley

Timothy Crowley

Dr. Timothy Crowley is a Think Internal Medicine specialist, with a wide variety of interests within the field of Internal Medicine. He enjoys seeing adult patients of all ages, men and women. Timothy realized he wanted to go into medicine in graduate school, and most values the long-term relationships and trust that evolves in doctor-patient … Read more

Bio photo of Jennifer Buescher

Jennifer Buescher

Dr. Buescher approaches each patient encounter as a unique learning opportunity, on both sides of the table. She learns so much from her patients, gaining a new perspective at each appointment. It’s important to Dr. Buescher that her patients learn from her as well — not only what she is recommending for their health, but … Read more

Bio photo of Margo Anderson-Fowler

Margo K. Anderson-Fowler

Margo is an MD at Think, board-certified in Family Medicine. She provides thoughtful, friendly care for families and people of all ages, with procedural interests in colposcopy, IUD, Nexplanon, and serving the LGBTQ community. Margo loves to take care of families, whatever that may look like! Dr. Anderson-Fowler has always known that medicine was her … Read more

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