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John A. Woodruff, MD

Internal Medicine

Dr. John A. Woodruff is a Doctor of Internal Medicine at think, and enjoys all aspects of general medicine. When he chose his career, he was attracted to general Internal Medicine because of the more methodical nature of the preventative, diagnostic, and treatment process involved in the field.

Raised in a medical family, John was always exposed to medicine. After looking toward other careers, he worked through college and realized that medicine seemed like a good fit for him, with its many available options and his appreciation for science.

He continues to be impressed by how impactful for the patient (and for the physician) it can be to spend a few extra minutes in an appointment. Whether it’s asking a question, checking something on an exam, or even hearing a history that you didn’t think you needed to hear — any one of those things can result in better outcomes for the patient.

Dr. Woodruff appreciates that Think provides structures that allow his colleagues to work with him as a team in order to take care of his patients. He hopes that his patients feel he listens to them, and gathers enough information to return with useful, easy-to-understand advice.

John enjoys spending time with his family, reading, traveling, and keeping up with current events.


Nebraska Wesleyan University: BS Chemistry
University of Nebraska College of Medicine: MD

Clinical Pharmacist:
Courtney Green, PharmD

Located on Level Four
402.506.9122 (office)
402.315.2723 (fax)

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