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Bio photo of David Sambol

David H. Sambol

An Internal Medicine Physician at think, Dr. David Sambol enjoys working in all areas of his specialty. Something he finds exciting about working in Medicine is helping younger patients change their habits in order to prevent problems as they age. Dr. Sambol has known he wanted to pursue a career in medicine since his second … Read more

Bio photo of Kirk Muffly

Kirk Muffly

Dr. Kirk Muffly is a born and raised Omahan. Dr. Muffly is an Internal Medicine Physician at think and has practiced in Omaha since becoming a physician. When asked what excites him about medicine he responded “helping people make lifestyle changes that improve the way they feel and decrease their risk of disease.” He received … Read more

Anna Maio

Dr. Anna Maio is an Internal Medicine Physician here at Think, and is skilled at working with patients who experience conditions like hypertension, kidney disease, and diabetes. She loves that the structures and philosophies at Think allow her to work with a team of people, and get their input in a patient’s care. She hopes … Read more

Bio photo of Cheryl Lindly

Cheryl Lindly

Cheryl is an FP/IM Physician Assistant here at think, and brings an enthusiasm for learning to work every day. The fact that the work environment is anything but static, and constantly presents new challenges, is exciting for her, allowing Cheryl to “stretch her brain” and constantly improve her skills. Her interest in medicine began early … Read more

Bio photo of John Lewis

John Lewis

Dr. John Lewis is a Physician Assistant at think. He received his medical degree from Lynchburg University, his Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from UNMC, and his BS from Oregon State University. Credentials: DMSc, PA Education: Lynchburg University: Doctorate of Medical Science UNMC: Masters of Physician Assistant Studies Oregon State University: Bachelor’s of Science Clinical … Read more

Bio photo of Harry Klein

Harry Klein

Specializing in Rheumatology and Internal Medicine, Dr. Harry Klein treats inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. He has particular interest in the piecing together of medical symptoms and signs in order to determine the underlying disease process. He became interested in Medicine in his teen years after having had the opportunity to volunteer at a local hospital … Read more

Bio photo of Stuart Frigyes

Stuart B. Frigyes

Dr. Frigyes is board certified in Internal Medicine at Think, and enjoys taking care of patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many other illnesses encountered in the practice of internal medicine. He thoroughly enjoys the practice of medicine, as it is an ever-changing field. There are constantly new therapies and diagnostic tests used … Read more

Bio photo of Bill Engle

Bill Engle

Bill Engle is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine here at Think, and has extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. He likes to help patients better understand these issues, and sometimes uses osteopathic manipulative treatment when available to address a specific injury pattern. What he loves about Medicine is that there’s always more to learn. He … Read more

Bio photo of Timothy Crowley

Timothy Crowley

Dr. Timothy Crowley is a Think Internal Medicine specialist, with a wide variety of interests within the field of Internal Medicine. He enjoys seeing adult patients of all ages, men and women. Timothy realized he wanted to go into medicine in graduate school, and most values the long-term relationships and trust that evolves in doctor-patient … Read more

Bio photo of Jessica Grosse

Jessica Grosse

Jessica Grosse is a Physician Assistant here at think, and is a firm believer in preventative care. She loves taking the time to make sure nothing “slips through the cracks” with patients’ healthcare maintenance. She was inspired to pursue a career in medicine by her aunts, one a family practitioner and the other a pharmacist. … Read more

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