Luanne Lundergard

LuanneLundergard is an adult care nurse practitioner in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Luanne M. Lundergard has expertise in treating chronic diabetes, chronic kidney disease, asthma, among other conditions Credentials:APRN, NP-C Located on Level Four402.403.9935 (office)402.315-2746 (fax) Become a patient Discover more doctors

Lucille Woodard

Lucille Woodard, MD, is a dedicated family medicine provider with deep roots in Omaha, Nebraska. After getting her undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska Omaha and medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, she completed her residency at Clarkson Family Medicine in Omaha. Her career has taken her to many places, including a … Continue Reading Article

Jennifer Diamond

As an Omaha native, Dr. Jennifer Diamond is excited to be a Family Medicine Physician at think providing healthcare for a wide variety of ailments in patients of all ages.  She is described by her patients as being a good listener who truly cares. She enjoys establishing doctor-patient relationships and becoming the trusted healthcare provider … Continue Reading Article

Justin Schramm

Dr. Justin Schramm is a Family Medicine Physician at think who strives to help his patients down their own path to wellness. He enjoys discovering what is important to each patient he meets and helping them make decisions based on their individual values. He was initially interested in a degree in medicine due to a love … Continue Reading Article

Abe Farhat

As an Omaha native, Dr. Abe Farhat is very pleased to be a Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine physician at think. He was drawn to Think Whole Person Healthcare due to its physician-centered approach and its emphasis on delivering high-quality, high-efficiency healthcare.    Dr. Farhat completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska at … Continue Reading Article

Emily States

Emily has practiced in urgent care settings for her entire career and enjoys doing urgent procedures, like suturing and splinting. She likes urgent care the most in medicine because it offers somewhere for people to go when they have a problem that can’t wait until the next business day. She believes it is wonderful that … Continue Reading Article

Katie Peterson

Katie Peterson is a Physician Assistant who enjoys preventative medicine as well as managing chronic medical conditions. Her experience has been in family practice, urgent care, and rural health care. Katie also has spent a part of her career working in education while serving as faculty during the development of the Physician Assistant Program at … Continue Reading Article

Sara Toalson

Sara Toalson, Physician Assistant (PA), has devoted her career to working in urgent care since graduating from PA school. Serving others is her passion, and her goal is to be a quality care provider who mends health care disparities.   She comes from a very large family in the Metro Omaha area. Sara received a … Continue Reading Article

Julie Meister

Julie Meister, Doctor of Nursing Practice, is an experienced Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner at Think Whole Person Healthcare.  She is devoted to providing patients with outstanding quality health care. She loves developing relationships with her patients to collaborate with them to manage their healthcare needs.    She is a native of rural Nebraska.  Growing up … Continue Reading Article

Dani Raney

Dani Raney is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse at think. Dani worked for many years as a nurse and always enjoyed interacting with patients and the hands-on care. This experience inspired her to pursue her advanced degree in family practice as a nurse practitioner.  Throughout her career, Dani had the opportunity to work with several … Continue Reading Article

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