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Julie Meister

Julie Meister, Doctor of Nursing Practice, is an experienced Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner at Think Whole Person Healthcare.  She is devoted to providing patients with outstanding quality health care. She loves developing relationships with her patients to collaborate with them to manage their healthcare needs.  She is a native of rural Nebraska.  Growing up on … Read more

Katy Claus

Katy is a Nurse Practitioner at think and treats acute patients at thinkQuick Walk-in Clinic.  With a background caring and treating both acute and chronic patients, Katy has a strong desire to learn from each patient, identify their complaint, and work to treat their condition. Ever since she was a child, Katy knew healthcare was … Read more

Dani Raney

Dani Raney is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse at think. Dani worked for many years as a nurse and always enjoyed interacting with patients and the hands-on care. This experience inspired her to pursue her advanced degree in family practice as a nurse practitioner.  Throughout her career, Dani had the opportunity to work with several … Read more

Bio photo of Joedy Istas

Joedy Istas

Dr. Joedy Istas is a Family Medicine physician here at think, and is a Nebraskan through-and-though. He’s looking forward to seeing patients at Think and continuing to improve the healthcare of the Omaha community. Born and raised in Red Cloud, NE, Dr. Istas attended UNL and then UNMC in Omaha and has been here ever … Read more

Bio photo of David Thompson

David Thompson

Dr. David Thompson is a Family Medicine physician at think and received his medical degree at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, NE in 2010. As a Family Medicine physician, Dr. Thompson enjoys working with geriatric patients and providing care to adult patients with complex medical conditions. Dr. Thompson grew up in Omaha, … Read more

Bio photo of Mark Woodruff

Mark W. Woodruff

Dr. Mark Woodruff is a Family Medicine physician at think, and enjoys using his skills in procedures and pediatrics. He’s known that Medicine was the career for him since his first Biology class in high school. What he finds most exciting about a career in Medicine is having the opportunity to help patients make positive … Read more

Bio photo of Bill Weeks

Bill Weeks

Dr. Bill Weeks is a Family Physician at think, and has a particular interest in Sports Medicine. When it comes to the field of Medicine, he finds the constant new developments exciting, and enjoys learning new things as they are introduced into the field. Bill has always remembered wanting to be a doctor, and was … Read more

Bio photo of Jamie Vitamvas

Jamie Vitamvas

Dr. Jamie Vitamvas is a Family Medicine Physician here at think. She loves the concept of a clinic run by physicians with the goal of achieving and maintaining health by fully supporting patients’ medical and psychosocial needs. Dr. Vitamvas didn’t originally go into medical school thinking she would choose Family Medicine. As she was going … Read more

Bio photo of Erika Rothgeb

Erika L. Rothgeb

Dr. Erika Rothgeb is a Family Medicine Physician at think, and has always been focused on primary care. She loves the relationships she builds with patients, and being a person who stands by their side throughout their care. There is more to health than physical wellbeing, and she strives to support her patients in their … Read more

Bio photo of Jenna Matlock

Jenna Matlock

A certified Physician Assistant at think, Jenna Matlock enjoys taking care of orthopedic complaints, pediatric patients, and doing in-office procedures. She believes that modern medicine is an incredible thing; she’s most excited about the advancement in our abilities to treat certain disease states through developing new technologies and approaches. Jenna’s excited to see how medicine … Read more

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