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Alicia Pol

Dr. Alicia Pol, PharmD, is a clinical Pharmacist at think with a special emphasis in women’s health, geriatric care and preventative medicine. Collaborating with the think health care team and patients is the most fulfilling part for Alicia as she helps patients improve their health and everyday lives. What she loves most about think is the ongoing challenge … Read more

Bio photo of Kala Ray

Kala Ray

A Clinical Pharmacist at think, Kala Ray enjoys working in the areas of Diabetes and Heart Health. What she loves most about working in Medicine is helping her patients, and the appreciation and relationships she develops with them. Her mom being a nurse, Kala has always wanted to do something health-related as a career. Since … Read more

Bio photo of Shelly Lippold

Shelley Lippold

A Clinical Pharmacist at think, Shelley Lippold likes working with Diabetes and cardiovascular disorders, but has also always had a large interest in oncology. She loves the ever-changing nature of medicine; the process of translating new discoveries and treatment advances into daily practice is fascinating to her. She has known she’s wanted to work in … Read more

Nairi Kasparian

Nairi Kasparian is a Clinical Pharmacist at think, and loves working in Preventative Medicine, where she can see patients noticing a difference in their quality of life. She has wanted to work in Medicine since she was younger, watching her cousin work as a Pharmacist as she grew up.  What she loves most about think … Read more

Bio photo of Mandi Russeli

Mandi Russell

A clinical Pharmacist at Think Whole Person Healthcare, Dr. Mandi Russell enjoys working with patients with diabetes. She loves having the ability to help improve a patient’s quality of life through the appropriate use of medications. Coming from a family of pharmacists, Courtney knew at a young age that she wanted to help people, just … Read more

Bio photo of Austin Dudzinski

Austin Dudzinski

Dr. Austin Dudzinski is a Clinical Pharmacist here at think, and enjoys working with cardiometabolic disorders, especially diabetes and dyslipidemia.  What he finds most exciting about working in Medicine, is that there are always innovations on the horizon, especially in preventive medicine for diseases such as cancer and dementia. He has known he’s wanted to … Read more

Bio photo of Courtney Green

Courtney Green

Dr. Courtney Green, PharmD., is a clinical Pharmacist at think who enjoys working with patients on anticoagulation management and diabetes. What she loves most about working in the field of Medicine is that it is constantly evolving, and creating new therapies that lead the way for better quality of life. Courtney has wanted to work in … Read more

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