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Nate Hamilton

Nate Hamilton is a Physical Therapist at think and his passions in physical therapy include orthopedics, manual therapy and clinical reasoning. Nate enjoys focusing on each of his think patients as a unique person with an individual injury and goals. Nate gets to know his patients quite well and takes a journey with them to … Read more

Jessica Turner

Jessica Turner is a Physical Therapist at think‚Äôs Physical Therapy department. As a child, Jessica knew she wanted to work in healthcare. After suffering a dance injury that required physical therapy, Jessica knew Physical Therapy was her calling. She has a special attraction to shoulder and jaw pain, headaches, and athletic injuries. Additionally, Dr. Turner … Read more

Devan Sedlacek

Devan was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and is an avid Crossfitter and powerlifter turned physical therapist. She is well versed in strength programming and injuries associated with strength sports. While studying nutrition and exercise science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Devan fell in love with strength training and reducing injury risk. Fast forward … Read more

Brian Schlattmann

Brian Schlattmann is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Think Whole Person Healthcare.  What he enjoys most about working at think is that he can provide one-on-one, individualized treatments to his patients. After completing Physical Therapy school, Dr. Schlattmann completed an optional, one-year residency in Orthopedics.  He became an Orthopedic Certified Specialist in 2006 through … Read more

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