Onsite, Fast-Result Radiology

At think Whole Person Healthcare, we understand how your nerves can get the best of you when your physician orders diagnostic imaging to find out why you’re in pain or to discover the underlying cause of health concerns. Feeling a bit anxious about radiology scans is normal, and we are here to help you feel at ease about your Radiology Services procedure. As an added plus, our think healthcare team gives you quick, reliable results without waiting days and weeks for answers. 

Radiology Specialists Specializing in You

Radiology is a medical discipline that uses a variety of imaging procedures to look inside the body to diagnose diseases and medical conditions. Radiologists are the medical doctors who review and interpret radiology images. 

Our think radiologists are board certified through the American Board of Radiology (ABR) and have completed medical school, a four-year residency, plus often a one-or two-year fellowship of specialized training and then years of extensive clinical work and continuing medical education. 

Ten radiology technologists are board certified through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (AFFT) and serve with our Radiology Services team. Our highly trained and personable technologists operate the imaging equipment while gently guiding patients through each testing procedure.

The Think Onsite Difference

Unlike many radiology facilities in the Omaha-Western Iowa area, the think campus keeps our radiology team right onsite alongside our dozens of specialists and healthcare providers. If a think rheumatologist wants to get a closer look at a patient’s wrist, we can run those x-rays same day and get right back with the doctor. If your think Family Medicine physician suspects you have a blood clot in your leg, an ultrasound while you’re in the building is incredibly convenient. We often see patients who have a perforated bowel or appendixes that are ready to rupture, and we can get them right in for CT imaging and literally help save their lives.

Our radiologists and technologists are expert consultants to our think physicians. The entire radiology staff works hand in hand with all the think providers. Throughout the day, our radiology professionals can just walk down the hallway and have a one-to-one conversation with the physician who ordered diagnostic imaging. Vice versa, the providers also stop in our offices if they have questions and want to collaborate on the most appropriate radiology exam to get the best images. We have a team-focused, personable relationship with all the think doctors, nurses and healthcare providers to make sure each patient receives the best care possible.

Cutting-Edge Equipment for Accurate Diagnosis

We are fortunate to use some of the latest, state-of-the-art radiology equipment available in the world. Our radiology technologists have access to a broad selection of imaging equipment that delivers fast, efficient and correct results. Our think radiologic imaging includes, but is not limited to x-ray, CT, ultrasound, mammography and DEXA bone density scans. 

We are committed to keeping all think patients safe with our low-dose scanners and radiation-safe protocols. All our equipment is inspected and accredited through the American College of Radiology and the state of Nebraska. 

While some of our patients may feel a bit anxious about needing diagnostic imaging, they can always rest assured that we safeguard their health every step of the way. In Radiology Services, we capture an insider’s view of the body and accurately assist patients on their road to healing and restored health.


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