Kevin’s Patient Journey

This is Kevin’s patient journey.

You don’t know how relieved I was to finally have some answers after several months of being told “we don’t know what’s wrong with you” by other healthcare providers. Now after six months of care from Dr. Harry Klein at Think Whole Person Healthcare, and taking effective medicine, I can count on tomorrow being a brighter day with no discomfort.

I love to go on long runs, travel and go scuba diving with my wife, Heather. Thanks to think, I am able to keep living life to the fullest and doing all of the things that I love. Life is good and I can’t thank the care team at think enough!

Dr. Klein and his staff are awesome! He’s a veteran Rheumatologist that does a thorough assessment. In my case, he and I sat down to talk – with me doing most of the talking. He sat, listened, took notes and asked key questions. A thorough examination was up next, then off to the imaging department for some x-rays. A short time after that, as I waited in the patient room, Dr. Klein came in and said, “I’ve got some answers for you” and just like that I was diagnosed and he had a plan for me going forward.

As you walk through the front doors of Think Whole Person Healthcare, a greeter welcomes you with a smile and gives you directions to your destination. The building’s open interior spaces are inviting with warm natural wood and stone finishes throughout to the right amount of natural light giving it a high-end spa feel. The patient rooms are well-thought-out, divided up into two zones with a treatment area and a sit-down lounge area with two chairs. Think is a one-stop-shop with an imaging department, pharmacy and lab, making it convenient for all your needs.

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