Bev’s Patient Journey

I have truly been blessed with a wonderful family, friends, my dog, and my church! And pretty good health for my age. Thanks to Cheryl Lindly in part, for keeping me up and running! think is like a one-stop-shop with the convenience of multiple physicians, a Clinic, P.T., lab, and an x-ray. And, at one time or another, I’ve used most of these services. Unfortunately for me, I have allergies to almost every medication but luckily think manages to keep everything straight and supply me with the medication that works for ME!

I will forever be grateful Cheryl Lindly, PA-C, who was able to tackle my blood pressure issues. She, along with her care team, got right to work and managed to find the solution that has made my life significantly better. She worked with me, was patient, and was helpful throughout the entire process. Cheryl and I just understand one another – we like some of the same things such as sox (inside joke), dogs, travel, and good wines to name a few! My daughter switched to Cheryl as well as my daughter-in-law and her mother so that means I did a good sales job!

I belong to two sewing groups and I quilt, knit, needlepoint, and do embroidery plus I belong to two book clubs since I am an avid reader. I also am a lifetime member of Daughters of the Nile (wives of Shriners), and a member of P.E.O. (Philanthropic Education Organization) where I am involved in many fun activities! Lastly, every month, I host in my home up to 17 good friends, neighbors, and family “Wine Friday” with fabulous wines, food, fellowship, and fun! Thanks to think, I am able to keep doing all of the things that I love.

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