Masks are not required! Read More

Easy Roasted Edamame

Break out this fun, healthy side for St. Patrick’s Day and as a tasty snack for March Madness. Soy protein and healthy plant compounds are known to lower cholesterol and triglycerides and reduce the risk for heart disease. Read more

Optometry Quiz

Prolonged use of up-close digital screens can cause more than just eyestrain. You may develop what’s called computer vision syndrome with symptoms of neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and dry eyes. Read more

Meet Gary and Sharon

The Omaha natives appreciate the easy-drive location and the convenience of the healthcare services they need in one building. But it’s the think staff that get the highest rating for the still much-in-love couple married when JFK and Jackie were America’s sweethearts. Read more

Low-Fat Chocolate Pudding Parfait

Article Excerpt:(55 Word Limit):
Spoon chilled pudding in individual serving glasses, creating a layer of whipped cream in the middle and on top. Add an optional garnish of fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries or grated dark chocolate Read more

Podiatry quiz

Our feet may flatten because of fallen arches as we age, we do not actually have arches when we are born. Babies only develop these later in life, and adults lose them by not wearing the right footwear. Read more

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