Tyler’s Patient Journey

This is Tyler’s patient journey.

I discovered Think Whole Person Healthcare when I moved back to Omaha after living in New Orleans. I needed a primary care doctor and was referred to think by a friend who told me that she loved the convenience of it.

Think doesn’t have the stale look and feel that I’ve seen in other healthcare facilities. The environment is much more open and inviting and even when you are waiting there is a ton to look at. Think is also extremely convenient because there are so many services in one place. I don’t like to miss a ton of work for appointments, so I always try to stack my doctor visits and optometrist visits on the same day and knock them all out in a short span.

Think has made such a big difference in my life. I was having some odd neurological issues and went to my primary care doctor at think who ordered me a CT scan. My doctor told me that they do them on-site and showed me where I could schedule mine. When I worked with the schedulers, I expressed that I was a bit nervous and stressed about it and wanted to get in as soon as possible. I was told that there was an appointment available the very next morning, which was great, but before I could book it, they said “…or we can get you in upstairs in 15 minutes.” I went upstairs and checked in and had the scan done within 10 minutes. It was so quick and convenient and gave me the peace of mind I needed ASAP, which left me feeling like they really care about me and my time.

I simply cannot say enough good things about Think Whole Person Healthcare. I am always recommending think to my family and friends because the doctors and staff are personable, the building is beautiful and you can get a bunch of your needs taken care of all-in-one place. I plan on being a patient there for many years to come. They keep me healthy so I can keep doing the things I love, like camping with my wife Pascale and our dogs Luna and Hunzi!

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