Sandy’s Patient Journey

When I think about Think Whole Person Healthcare, I think about an accessible, modern facility full of caring individuals.

I decided to follow my doctor, Dr. Christine Jeffrey, to think when she made the switch and I have not regretted it! I love that think does not feel like a typical healthcare facility. It is up-to-date, warm, and welcoming. I love that I can get ahold of my doctor easily with the patient portal as well as keep track of all of my appointments and medications.

Dr. Jeffrey and her staff are the BEST. They are incredibly tentative and truly care about me and my wellbeing. They help me stay active and healthy which is great because I have eight busy grandchildren that I need to keep up with! I also love hiking with my husband and exploring new destinations with family and friends.

I recommend think to everyone and anyone. I tell them that it is all under one roof and the facility is up to date on everything and it is absolutely beautiful! I would like to thank the staff and team members of Think Whole Person Healthcare for always taking the best care of me and for providing such a reliable, enjoyable experience at every appointment I have.

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