Meet Mary

My primary care physician, Dr. Douglas Russell, informed me in 2015, during a regular visit, that he planned to join a new medical group which would necessitate a move to a new location that was being built on West Center Road near 72nd street. He also shared his reasons for such a move and described the philosophy and mission of this new medical clinic to provide the very best of patient care with a team approach.  As I listened, I realized that this new approach he was describing was healthcare that saw me as part of that team, not just the patient. 

Think opened July 6th, 2015, and my first appointment with Dr. Russell was July 7th, 2015. I remember they were laying sod as I walked up to the front door.  Since that day, I have been gratified knowing I made the right choice. 

First, staying with Dr. Russell has resulted in a doctor/patient relationship of trust and mutual respect. 

Second, I have other think providers now as part of my team that work very hard to keep me healthy and care about me: Dr. Brad Copple; Courtney Green, Pharmaceutical Care Pharmacist; John Lewis, Physician Assistant; the many nurses; lab technicians, patient access representatives; ThinkQuick Walk-In Clinic; and the Infusion Center. 

Third, I have come to appreciate the up-to-date technology that has been employed at think. That technology includes not only administrative and office processes, but also the enhancement of medical care. Many procedures that I formerly had to go to other facilities to have performed are now done at think.  This is so much easier for me! 

Fourth, communication is so very important in healthcare, and I find it very useful that I can call my team for information or with questions that need answered and knowing that I will always receive a timely reply.  

Would I recommend Think Whole Person Healthcare? Yes, without hesitation   


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