Meet B.J.

Instead of just wishing I were a think patient, I’m going to look into how I can become  a think patient. I’m a bit weary from my months-long medical saga, but I’m listening to my friends’ high praises of the capable and kind think medical team.

My friends have told me about their incredible experiences as Think Whole Person Healthcare patients, and I admit that I’m envious. I wish I were a think patient. Truly I do. What started out last summer with a fairly routine visit with my gastroenterologist ended up with a series of expensive tests. Ultrasound, cardiac CAT scan, several blood tests. And months and months of waiting for answers.         

About six weeks ago, I finally saw my primary care doctor again, and he ordered two specific blood tests. A few hours later I received a shocking note in my online health portal: “I’m referring you to a surgeon.” What!?! How did I go from a simple blood draw to surgery?

Talk about impersonal healthcare. 

My doctor did call me later that afternoon, but I felt shoved into a deep, black hole. I had to research the results of my blood tests. I had to research my probable diagnosis. I had to call insurance and ask around about surgeons. 

At think, I could have met with my primary care doctor, a specialist and had lab work and DEXA bone density scan done all in one visit. Instead, I have taken hours off work to drive all over the city from doctor to doctor to three different lab and radiology facilities. 

So, I’m listening to my friends and instead of just wishing I were a think patient, I’m going to look into how I can become a think patient.

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