Linda’s Patient Journey

This is Linda’s patient journey.

I first started attending Think Whole Person Healthcare when it opened its doors in 2015. Ever since, I have been cared for with the utmost respect and kindness, this institution has done so much for me. Thank you to all the members of the think team. You are an inspiration!

At think, you are treated like family. Every time I walk into the building, I am greeted by the navigators who, at this point, feel like old friends! One time the wheel fell off of my walker on my way out and they helped me fix it immediately! Think is full of caring, intelligent and kind individuals, I wouldn’t put my health in anyone else’s hands.

Think truly is a one-stop-shop! I am so grateful that all my healthcare needs are in one place, especially my doctor of many years, Dr. Marty Mancuso. The overall environment there is so warm and welcoming, it hardly feels like a healthcare facility. I love all the elements of think, from the pharmacy to the Agora Cafe! I am so appreciative of the hard work and care that goes into maintaining such a great facility full of caring people.

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