Chrissie’s Patient Journey

This is Chrissie’s patient journey.

Think Whole Person Healthcare has so much to offer, including early morning appointments, labs, mammograms, CT scans and more. It is great to walk through those doors and be greeted with a smile every time.

I chose think because as an employee that moves with a group of providers, I value what think stands for and what is offered all in one building.

The staff at think are so genuinely caring and are always willing to help make your experience as smooth as possible. Three individuals I would like to call out specifically are Dr. Hapke along with Team Pharmacist Kala and Team Pharmacist Tech Tenli. These individuals are a part of my care team and make every visit I have to think a positive, effective and efficient one.

Think is convenient with their extended hours and ThinkQuick! Think has most everything you could need to live a healthy life all in one place. Think is filled with caring experts who are all there to make your life easier. Their providers and staff have compassion, empathy and are loyal to the patients.

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