Six Steps You Can Take to Avoid Falling

As we get older, obstacles that once seemed innocent can become dangerous. Here are six simple steps you can take to avoid falling.

  1. Get your annual wellness visit. Making sure your physician knows your health and risks is important.
  2. Make sure your house is free of tripping hazards. Even a corner of a table or a change in flooring can throw your balance off.
  3. If you have dizzy spells or feel unstable — schedule an appointment to see your doctor!
  4. Get your eyes checked. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends people over 65 get annual eye exams. 
  5. If you do fall, schedule an appointment with your doctor to get checked out. There could be damage to your body you aren’t aware of that can cause future falls and more injury.
  6. Enroll in our Fall Class. Call 402.506.9050.

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