Advocating for All Nebraskans

Think Family Medicine physician, Dr. Erika Rothgeb, was recently appointed a voting board member of the Nebraska Academy of Family Physicians (NAFP), a state chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians. As an advocate for both patients and physicians, the NAFP provides support, learning opportunities and updated guidelines to doctors throughout Nebraska. 

As the New Physician Director for NAFP, Dr. Rothgeb represents and advises newer physicians around the state. “I provide a voice to the newer physicians who are out in practice. Compared to long standing physicians, some newer physicians might have different needs such as loan repayment,” Dr. Rothgeb explains. “We also want to look at the face of medicine now and over the next 30 years, so we advocate for issues that are applicable to those who want to practice medicine a little further down the road.”

Dr. Rothgeb has served with the board over the past three years while still in her residency at Clarkson Family Medicine. One of Dr. Rothgeb’s highlights of working with the NAFP board is close interaction with the Nebraska state legislature. 

“When there is a public health issue such as helmet laws for motorcyclists, the board can promote our position as a united front,” Dr. Rothgeb says. “We can make the biggest changes working closely with our representatives and making sure that what we see on the front lines would benefit the community.”

She has also volunteered as a Family Physician of the Day to provide medical care to state legislators when they’re in session. “That’s a great experience to both see the political side of medicine and to also just give back to the community,” Dr. Rothgeb shares. 

Dr. Chris Jeffrey, also in Family Medicine with think, is the current past president of the NAFP board. Think Whole Person Healthcare is honored to have both these active advocates for the health of all Nebraskans as part of our team. 

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