Try the Seven in Seven Challenge!

We aren’t talking about the cocktail, we are talking about creating a positive, healthy habit of drinking enough water each day.

Start by committing to drinking seven glasses of water a day for seven days. Begin each day with a glass of water first. Then commit to drinking a glass of water with each meal. If you like snacks have a glass of water with your snack. Right there, you have already drunk five glasses of water! The other two glasses can be drunk in between cups of your morning coffee or have a glass of water while you are preparing dinner (this is also a great way to help suppress your appetite if you want to take in fewer calories and still feel full). If you take medications, drink a full glass when taking your pills (unless otherwise directed by your doctor).

At the end of that first week, take a moment to assess how you feel.

  • Do you feel more focused?
  • Are you sleeping better?
  • Do you notice a change in your skin?
  • How are your bodily functions?
  • Overall, how do you feel?

Noting any improvements will help keep the experience positive and will help motivate you to continue. After you complete your hydration assessment, commit to another seven and seven. Invite a family member to join you for week two. Having a partner will provide social reinforcement and accountability, which greatly help form positive and healthy habits. 

You may find yourself drinking more than seven glasses — which is great! Do, however, check with your physician or clinical pharmacist if you find yourself drinking more than ten glasses a day. And, if you haven’t seen your physician recently, schedule a check-up and talk about your plan to start hydrating!

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