Our Mission, Vision and Values

A Mission of Quality

The mission of Think Whole Person Healthcare is more than a philosophy — it’s a promise. 

At think, we promise to: 
  • Provide unparalleled patient service
  • Help patients achieve the highest possible quality of life
  • Lower costs by keeping people well
  • Serve as an outstanding team in a world-class workplace

A Vision of Positive Change

Think Whole Person Healthcare is constantly learning, evolving and striving to provide the highest levels of quality care. In this unending search for improvement, we support our vision to be the leader in the transformation of healthcare as a whole, and helping our patients live their healthiest lives.

Values Rooted in Respect

At think, our physicians form a circle of care with our patients at the center. We value one another’s diversity of talent, experience, and perspective. We each contribute to something bigger than ourselves while promoting integrity, belonging and collaboration. As part of think’s culture, every employee aspires to work by our seven core values: Lead Change, Empathy, Accountability, Determination, Excellence, Respect and Service.

Learn how our model of care aligns with our values

Learn about our philosophy of whole person healthcare.

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