What is Whole Person Healthcare?

Healthcare Should Be for the Whole Person

At Think Whole Person Healthcare, we believe that every patient should be given the attention, respect, and comprehensive care needed to feel healthy in all areas of their lives. At think, you are far more than your symptoms, and the quality of care you receive will reflect that. 

What, Exactly, Is Whole Person Healthcare?

Whole Person Healthcare (WPH) is a relatively new approach to healthcare — one that we believe is how it should have always been. 

At think, we look at you as a whole person — not just the symptoms you’re experiencing currently. We ask the question “Where are these symptoms coming from, and why?” 

In order to address health as a whole, we find that a coordinated approach to treating and caring for our patients improves their quality of life and health. This, in turn, reduces the need for avoidable (and expensive) hospital and emergency room visits.

How Does think Exemplify Whole Person Care?

Comprehensive, coordinated care is the key to think’s philosophy and dedication to Whole Person Healthcare. Whether you qualify for our Coordinated Care program or not, as a patient at think, you’ll have access to a network of physicians working together under the same roof to keep you healthy. 

Led by your Primary Care physician, your care team will look at your health from all sides, communicating openly and proactively in order to catch issues early and prevent unnecessary procedures and treatments. 

Coordinated Care for Chronic Illness

Whole Person Healthcare is especially effective for patients who deal with multiple chronic illnesses. With a Care Coordinator at the helm of your care team, you can trust that your Primary Care physician, specialists, pharmacists, and more will be able to see the whole picture of your health. This level of comprehensive care saves patients time and money, and provides them with the detailed, attentive care they need to thrive. 

Explore think whole person healthcare’s coordinated care program.

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