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Steven Zuber, MD

Internal Medicine

Dr. Steven Zuber is a Doctor of Internal Medicine at think. He likes taking care of people with chronic illnesses and making their overall quality of life better, as well as reducing their risk of future complications. He enjoys forming long-term relationships with those that he treats.

From a very young age, he has been interested in helping people, and also found a great interest in science. Primary care medicine is the perfect career that lets him combine both of these passions. Watching a close family member with heart disease be saved, and live for many more years, had a great impact on him.

What he loves about think is the team approach to quality care, and the freedom to concentrate on the person, not their medical problems, in order to form a great partnership moving forward. He hopes his patients see that he spends time explaining things to them, and that while he gives his best recommendations, they make decisions together.

Dr. Zuber loves exercising, being on the water, and spending time with family. He would love to spend time in different countries offering his skills to the less fortunate, but at the same time learning about their country and their culture.

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Tulane University School of Medicine

Clinical Pharmacist:
Austin Dudzinski, PharmD

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