Sports Neuropsychology

Caze Concussion Institute specializes in sport-related injuries to the brain (concussions) along with other neuropsychological issues associated with trauma to the head. Dr. Todd Caze is a fellowship trained sports neuropsychologist that is passionate about increasing early access to treatment for children, teens and adults. Early access coupled with evidence-based treatments results in lower costs to families, less life-disruption, and minimal risk of the long-term effects of concussions.

Sports Neuropsychology at Caze Concussion Institute helps patients access the treatment they need to improve quality of life such as:
  • Acute assessment for concussion
  • Treatment following acute concussion
  • Treatment for those experiencing prolonged recovery following concussion

For more information about Caze Concussion Institute,

Call 402.235.8086, or fax information to 855.710.7127.

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