Geriatric Care

Care that changes along with your needs. 

At Think Whole Person Healthcare, our goal is to provide high-quality care that is specific to our patients’ needs. Medical needs evolve as patients age and our geriatric care specialists are able to provide customized care backed by extensive experience working with this age group.

A Geriatric Specialist understands how a person’s body changes and requires different approaches to treatments, and can often improve patient outcomes by modifying treatment plans to meet these changes.

Our geriatric specialists provide a variety of services, including: 
  • Diagnosing and treatment of dementia
  • Ruling out various types of dementia
  • Evaluation of frail older adults who may be falling
  • Management of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Care of older adults with multiple comorbidities

Geriatric patients with multiple chronic illnesses can especially benefit from think’s whole-person approach to healthcare. Treatment of one condition can have an adverse impact on other aspects of one’s health and this risk increases as we age. Geriatric physicians understand how older bodies respond to treatment regimes and can recommend less aggressive treatments if needed. This kind of comprehensive care prevents negative treatment interactions and can often dramatically improve quality of life. 


If you or a loved one may need a geriatric specialist, call 402.506.9049 or complete our new patient form.

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