Electronic Check-In

We’ve made checking in for your appointment even easier! Our latest option for check-in at think is through our electronic service. 

How it works…

Approximately six days before your appointment, you will receive a reminder by text, email, or both depending on your preference. This confirmation message has a link to the online check-in page. Click on the link, and the check-in system will guide you through the process.

Before you click the link, have your insurance card and payment method (for potential co-pays) handy, as it will ask for that information during the check-in process. The entire check-in process takes about 5 minutes.

You will receive another appointment reminder the day before your visit. 

On the day of your visit, go to your doctor’s floor and tell the navigators that you checked in online and have a seat. You will be called when the doctor is ready for you.

If you still prefer to check in for your appointment in person, our navigators on your doctor’s floor will be happy to assist you!

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