Dani Raney, APRN

Family Medicine

Dani Raney is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse at think. Dani worked for many years as a nurse and always enjoyed interacting with patients and the hands-on care. This experience inspired her to pursue her advanced degree in family practice as a nurse practitioner. 

Throughout her career, Dani had the opportunity to work with several think’s providers, and when the opportunity presented itself, she jumped at the chance to become a provider here. Dani is particularly interested in the patient-focused care the teams at think provide their patients and is excited to be a part of the care team. Dani worked in a long-term care center for multiple years and looked forward to building long-term relationships with her patients. She hopes to meet more amazing patients and begin building relationships with them.

Dani and her husband are busy attending extracurricular activities for their four children when not at work. When asked what’s on her bucket list, she responded, “I’d like to travel the world with my family or volunteer for a medical mission’s trip to a foreign land.”

Dani will be working closely with Drs. Anderson-Fowler, Buescher, and Jeffrey.


Clarkson College

Clinical Pharmacist:
Alicia Pol, PharmD

Located on Level Three
402.506.9051 (office)
402.315.2745 (fax)

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