Thinking Differently: Treating You As The Whole Person You Are

At Think Whole Person Healthcare we do things in a different way – your way. We see you as a whole person, not just a patient with symptoms and conditions. We are a patient-centered medical home, where our medical teams – led by a pioneering group of primary care physicians – work together to bring a new standard of healthcare focused around you.

Healthcare is unique, the more you spend the more you suffer. At Think our mission is to reduce your health costs by working with you to keep you out of those areas of healthcare where you suffer and pay the most – hospitals and the ER. That’s what our teams of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and care coordinators do every day. We practice in a beautiful building because you deserve to have a better experience of healthcare – at no extra cost. And unlike many clinics, Think does not charge a facility fee.

We best serve patients who need care coordination, patients who struggle because they have more than one ongoing condition such as heart disease, COPD. These are conditions we will live with for the rest of our lives, but managed well we can live well. That’s why we like to see you when you’re well and work to keep you that way – not when you are sick and suffering.

We are dedicated to:
• Enhancing your experience of healthcare
• Lowering your costs
• Improving your outcomes

And we do this by doing the simple things effectively. We listen to you, we work with you to lower your medications and their costs. Our care coordinators are there to organize things for you or someone you care for. We create a plan together with you and your loved ones to ensure you get the best out of life.

Think is a community of healthcare professionals selected by you, for you. Your team includes clinical and dispensing pharmacists, care coordinators, physical therapists, podiatrists, dieticians, optometrists, psychologists, social workers, and triage nurses. All of these people work with your doctor, all use one electronic health record so that all of your information is in one place, in one building and easily accessed by every member of your care team – and of course you.

But don’t ask us, see what the people who really matter think – our patients.

Mary Jo Danika Furst: “I followed my Doctor to Think. The building is beautiful … much better than some stuffy Doctor’s office. My Doctor has been awesome. Very caring, always has time to talk through the issues I’ve had. There’s an on-site pharmacy, optical, lab, CT scan machine, X-Ray machine, physical therapists, just about anything you might need. I would recommend Think Whole Person Healthcare to everyone!”

Deana Moore-Menard: “They’re very thorough, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and patient. I’m so happy my doctor is with this awesome system. I have a proactive Doctor not just reactive, which means the world of difference to me and my family.”

Amy Tilley: “Love it! Glad I followed my doctor there. Everything in one spot. They schedule blood work just before doctors’ appointments so the doc has the results when you are there and fast.”

Barbara Julie Sorgen-Maas: “I love it! My blood work, x-rays, mammogram, from my annual visit to picking up my prescriptions are all done within one building. The Walk-in Clinic is available 365 a year.”

Feel free to look at other reviews online from our patients. Some are not so glowing – that’s ok too. We believe that for us to learn and improve the feedback we get from the patients we serve should be seen by all. It’s what drives us to be a little bit better every day.