Women’s Pelvic Health

Are you a woman who?:

  • Leaks urine when you exercise, cough, sneeze, or laugh?
  • Doesn’t quite make it to the toilet before leaking urine?
  • Is running to the restroom frequently to prevent urinary leakage or you just feel like you have to “go” often?
  • Wakes during the night more than once to urinate?
  • Wears protective pads for urine leakage?
  • Suffers from constipation?
  • Has pain with intercourse?
  • Is having issues recovering from childbirth?
  • Is experiencing pelvic pain?

Just because these are common issues doesn’t mean they are “normal”. There is no need to suffer with pain or spend countless dollars on protective pads. These issues do not just “go away” on their own and can worsen if not treated.
There is something you can do about it!

Women’s Pelvic Health Physical Therapy is a specialized area of rehabilitation focused on the assessment and treatment of women’s pelvic health concerns. Meet Michelle Cooper Day, MPT and start living your life again!

What Michelle’s patients are saying –

“Why didn’t I find out about this sooner?”

“I did not know this type of treatment even existed or could be so helpful.”

“I learned so much about what I can do to help myself with Michelle’s guidance.”

“I never knew the pelvic floor muscles were so important and needed proper care and attention!”

Speak to your doctor, specialist, or physical therapist to find out more. Call 402-506-9050 to schedule an appointment with Michelle Cooper Day, today!