On my switch to Think Whole Person Healthcare

Omahan Chris Jeffrey joined Think this summer. A graduate of the University of Nebraska College of Medicine, you could say she took to medicine at a very early age. “My paternal grandfather was born in Greece,” she told us. “When I was a little girl, he gave me a medicine kit that had toy stethoscope, syringes, thermometer, tongue blades, and candy pills. He told me that I could be anything that I wanted to be – but he thought that I would be a good doctor. When he was dying of prostate cancer my parents took me to see him at Clarkson Hospital.  I walked in the door and was instantly hooked on medicine.  When I got up to the floor and I saw him lying in the bed I thought a career in medicine was what I was meant for.” Dr. Jeffrey took a bit of a detour before going to medical school. She got married, had children and worked as an office nurse for two family physicians. “Both of them were encouraging to me when I expressed a desire to return to school to finish my bachelor’s degree and go to medical school,” she added.  “My children were in junior high by then and so this was the perfect time to go to medical school.”


Dr. Jeffrey has always practiced in Omaha. She did her residency at Clarkson Family Medicine and joined Methodist Physicians Clinic after that where she practiced for almost 20 years. “I heard about Think when it was built.  I thought then that It was a very intriguing way to deliver health care. The model of team-based care was especially appealing to me. I wanted to be able to deliver a better quality of health care to my patients and have options for them to keep themselves healthier. It was just what I was looking for, so I decided it was a good time to make the change to Think. From the minute I walked in I have felt part of something bigger than myself.  I enjoy being a doctor again.


“Now that I’m here, my favorite thing is the relationships I have built with the team of people I have to help me take better care of my patients. Plus, the patients who came here with me have really enjoyed their experience. They are amazed by all of the services that are available here. Their first impression that they share with me is how beautiful the building is when they walk in. They do not feel they are in a doctor’s office and they really enjoy that sensation. They also like the view out of the windows in our exam rooms. Overall there is been a very good response and a positive response.”


When asked what she tells people who ask her about her switch to Think, Dr. Jeffrey says, “I tell people that health care delivery is changing, and to stay open to those changes. Look at other practices that may treat you as a number or a computer statistic.  Yes, it is important that we have computer technology, but I think it has driven a wedge between physicians and their patients. Think is changing health care delivery in that it breaks that barrier down and lets us return to what is really important in medicine – and that is our relationships with our patients.


“I would tell other physicians that this is a concept of health care that I think that they need to look at. Team-based health care is so much more efficient than trying to do everything yourself.  I realize that there are plenty of physicians out there who are unable to relinquish control of everything, but I think if you can do that and allow other people on the team to help you do what you do best, I think that’s better for everyone. I know personally that Think has renewed my love of medicine. To me medicine is not a job. It is a calling. I have been reenergized by coming here and I can truly say that practicing in this atmosphere has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.”

Dr. Jeffrey is now welcoming new patients. Inquire now.