Stress Awareness Month

Written by Meghan Herek, Mental Health Therapist, formerly with Think Whole Person Healthcare

Stress Awareness Month is a helpful tool for us to bring attention to the stress people may live with year-round, and helps remind us of tools we can use to better manage stress. This Stress Awareness Month, we’re focusing on the benefits of talk therapy.


Who is talk therapy “for”?

Talk therapy is for everyone. There are many assumptions about who talk therapy is for, and it is for everyone. Many of us struggle with stress, anger, and in some cases, anxiety and depression. No life is void of triggers. Talk therapy teaches you techniques you can use to manage the things – internal and external – that ignite your stressors. Plus, you absolutely deserve to have someone who is there for only you. So, yes – talk therapy is for everyone!


Why use talk therapy?

If you never talk about your issues, you won’t gain another perspective, create more understanding about the whys and whats of your triggers, nor will you learn tools to overcome them. Closing your thoughts and emotions may even cause you to see the world in a more negative way. Your mind and body are strongly connected. Have you ever noticed your muscles tighten when you’re worried about something, or get a headache? Your mind controls everything. It’s important to keep your mind healthy, and you can with the help of talk therapy.


How often should you go to talk therapy?

Even one to two appointments a month can do wonders for your mental state. You can use real, stressful situations to practice the tools we talk about in our sessions. During our sessions, we discuss those situations, what you did, your successes, and areas to improve. It’s so healthy for your mind to talk about what’s going on inside it! Because Life is for Living!