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At Think, we believe having all of your care under one roof is convenient, effective, and ultimately lowers the cost of care. Your Think team includes care coordinators, massage therapists, mental health therapists, optometrists, physical therapists, podiatrists, registered dietitians, and specialist nurses. By working together as one we can achieve something greater than we could achieve individually. Our teams all use one electronic health record, so that all of your information is in one place to be easily accessed by a member of your care team when needed.

Physical Therapy


Think Whole Person Healthcare is growing and that is facilitating the need for more primary care space. To continue to assure the best level of care across the continuum for our patients, we are pleased to announce that Mancuso Dental has agreed to acquire our dental practice and expand services for our patients. This allows our patients and their families to continue to access quality dental care.

Mancuso Dental has been serving patients in the Greater Omaha area since 1947 and is well-known as a premier family-owned practice. Dr. Sarah Billesbach and her brother, Dr. Benjamin Mancuso, will see patients at their current office at 7930 Blondo Street. In the near future, they will move to a new facility at 7337 Farnam Street, just blocks from Think.

The dentists and their staff of hygienists and technicians are excited to carry on the great care you’ve received onsite at Think. Mancuso Dental accepts all major insurance.

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