Think Pharmacy is unlike any other pharmacy you have ever visited – we want to minimize the number of medications you take. At Think we understand that medications are expensive, often confusing and that taking the right medications at the right time to ensure they are safe is of huge benefit to your health.

That’s why we’re constantly working with you, from the moment you meet your personal clinical pharmacist who is part of your doctor’s team. We want to ensure your medications are safe, used to maximum effect, and dispensed at our pharmacy at the lowest price. This unique personal approach is at no additional cost to you.

That’s why the Think Pharmacy team offers you our 5-step plan to ensure all of these things:

Step 1: Review – Your personal clinical pharmacist will do a full medications review with you to minimize your medications and ensure they are the safest and most effective for you.
Step 2: Reduce – We do a full cost analysis to ensure you are getting them at the lowest cost.
Step 3: ThinkSync – We synchronize your medications to ensure all your medications become due on the same day, minimizing trips to the pharmacy.
Step 4: Free Pouch Dispensing and Delivery – No more pill sorting and hours counting your doses. We dispense your medication in our unique pouch system – pre-sorted by date and time, eliminating multiple bottles. We will also mail them out to you for free.
Step 5: Ongoing Review – Your Pharmacy team will constantly review your medications with you to ensure they remain effective.


Our Commitment to You


  • Because we want to make sure your medication is working the best it can, we prefer to contact you prior to automatically refilling your medication.
  • To ensure your medications are working well, we reach out to you approximately one week prior to running out of your medication. This gives us a chance to make sure you understand what your medication is for and that you are not having any side effects. If you are ready for your next refill, we will get it ready for you.


  • We are happy to mail your items free of charge. For medications within the delivery radius, we are happy to provide same day delivery on emergency items at no extra cost to you.
  • Packages containing controlled substances require a signature.
  • You will get a call to ensure you are available as it is our policy to you even when issuing refills.
  • To ensure medications are distributed in the timeliest manner, we are able to keep a credit card on file. We are unable to keep a charge account for patients at this time.


3 Ways to Refill Your Prescription

  1. Call our pharmacy at (402) 506-9010
  2. Fill out our secure online form
  3. Use our MobileRx Pharmacy App