Diabetes Education Services

The Diabetes Education Program at Think Whole Person Healthcare provides comprehensive education and training to help participants learn how to manage diabetes on a day-to-day basis in partnership with their healthcare provider. Our program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education.

The Diabetes Self-Management Education is offered as a class or individual session based on the participant’s needs. In addition to group classes, participants meet individually with the educator to provide further personalized education to achieve their health goals.

Classes are a good fit for people who want to know more about diabetes and its management; have been recently diagnosed and are starting a medication program or balancing diet, exercise, medication and lifestyle; have had diabetes for years and are interested in new information and/or improved control of their diabetes. A spouse or significant other may attend classes with the participant at no charge.

Program education covers the following topics:

  • Diabetes overview
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Medications
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Prevention, detection and treatment of acute and chronic complications
  • Foot, skin and dental care
  • Stress and psychological adjustment
  • Family involvement and social support
  • Behavior change strategies, goal setting, risk factor reduction and problem solving
  • Use of community resources

Most insurance plans, including Medicare, provide a benefit for this diabetes education program. Please contact your insurance carrier for details.


Diabetes Education Group Classes – Request to Join

Wherever you are at in your journey in managing diabetes, we are here to help support you on your journey.  Join our diabetes educator, dietitian and pharmacist in our fun and engaging diabetes education classes*.

Our patient-centered sessions use the Conversation Map® program, an innovative tool that creates guided conversations about the diabetes journey and behavioral change in collaboration with your healthcare team.

Our interactive classes are held weekly for four weeks. Participants may choose to attend a daytime or evening class series. In addition to group classes, participants meet individually with the instructor for further individualized diabetes education and meal planning.


  • Week 1: On the Road to Better Managing Your Diabetes
  • Week 2: Diabetes and Healthy Eating
  • Week 3: Monitoring Your Blood Glucose
  • Week 4: Continuing Your Journey With Diabetes

If you are unable to make one of the sessions in the 4-week series, these classes are held every month for your convenience to attend the class you missed at a later date.

Request to Join a Class

Insurance Coverage

  • Medicare Part B covers 80% of the approved cost for 10 hours of DSMT (9 in a group setting, 1 individual).
  • For other insurers (Blue Cross, Aetna, United, etc.) please check with your health insurance plan to see if your benefits cover Diabetes Education services. We can assist you with this process.
  • All patients must have a referral before starting classes or coming for their individual session. We can obtain this on your behalf, or if you plan to get this from your doctor, please contact us so that we can provide you with the correct form.


*Think Whole Person Healthcare Diabetes Program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for quality self-management education.