The Best Diabetes Lifestyle Management – The Team Approach

Diabetes is a complex chronic disease that you care for every day. Managing diabetes includes exercise, healthy eating, taking prescribed medications and monitoring blood sugars. At Think Whole Person Healthcare, we know this isn’t always easy. The Think Healthcare Team is available to you when you need more information or help in any area of your diabetes management. You are living with diabetes every day; here’s how the Think Healthcare Team can help when you need it.



Ask your doctor for nutrition advice.


Behavioral Health

Sometimes with chronic conditions, you can feel isolated when you can’t eat what everyone else is, and when you have to leave the room to test. You can feel like no one understands you or knows what you’re going through. Our on-site mental health therapists Krystle Eckhart and Jennifer M. Kelly and psychiatrist Rodney Nitcher can help you gain confidence, acceptance – anything you need to feel more like you.



Brad Copple and Reanen Michael are trained to treat feet and problems of the lower legs. Diabetes makes you prone to poor blood flow and nerve damage in the lower legs. You may get infections more often. Sores, even small ones, can quickly turn into serious problems. Any foot sore or callus needs to checked by your primary care doctor or a podiatrist. Do not try to fix these yourself, because you could cause an infection. Be sure to inspect your feet daily for signs of trouble.


Physical Therapy

Exercise can help lower blood sugar, help your body use insulin better and help control your weight – something you need when you’re living with diabetes type 1 or type 2. Think physical therapists are the best people to help you and your doctor plan your fitness program, since they are trained in the scientific basis of exercise.


Care Coordination

Your Think primary care doctor and team of nurses get to know you as a person – not a condition. Your doctor coordinates with your care team to help you manage your health.

Depending on your condition, you may qualify for our Care Coordination program, in which a nurse helps you plan, implement and monitor your healthcare.


Our goal is to give you control and ownership over your chronic condition and your health. If Think’s Team Approach can help you live fully with diabetes, fill out this short form to get more information. Life is for Living.